Coaches & Staff

Name: Todd Sader

Position: Program Director/ Head Coach

Years of Experience:I have over 35 years’ experience in gymnastics and have been coaching for 25 years.

Philosophy: Enjoy the journey because the destination will be sweeter in the end.

Background: I am a level 3 men’s and women’s gymnastics coach as well as a level 2 trampoline coach. I am also a FIG category 2 judge.

Name: Luis Esteban Baeza

Position: Boys Head Coach

Years of Experience: I am a level 2 coach and have more than 30 years’ experience

Philosophy: I believe in exploring the potential of each athlete through physical activity and making a long term positive impact on their lives.

Background: I was a national level gymnast in Mexico for several years. I have experience coaching boys and girls in Mexico as a national level coach and as an acrobatics teacher at the national circus school in Montreal. Currently I am working on the last part of my level 3 coaching course for men’s artistic gymnastics and have worked for the past 4 years at Campbell River Gymnastics Association.

Name: Hilary Gros

Position: Competitive & Recreational

Years of Experience: 10 years in both recreational and competitive. Level 2 coach


My philosophy is all about combining fun and hard work. As a coach, I find it is the most rewarding feeling to witness the growth of each athlete at all developmental stages. Having a positive and supportive environment in which to learn, is key to any athlete’s success.


Originally from Powell River, I started my coaching career as a young teen. Working with all ages, I have coached a variety of different groups. Starting with preschoolers, I branched out into recreational, dance, acro, pre-competitive, competitive, high schools, gymnaestrada, school groups, and one on one with children and young adults with special needs. Being a competitive athlete in the past, this sport has always been near and dear to me. Continuing to help others as a coach has been my greatest reward.